Financial – PerYourHealth Billing Account Access

PerYourHealth Billing Account Access:

After receiving medical procedures a typical process often involves the facility at which you received your services sending the bill to your insurance company to determine coverage.  Often times, if insurance is not being used, the billing may be completed and sent out after all the procedures have been completed.  What this means to patients is that they often find themselves with a bill days or even weeks after they receive their medical services.  Medical companies use many different billing services but if your medical bill directs you to the PerYourHealth website you may find that you are able to complete your medical billing payment online which does not require you to send in a check or billing information via the mail.

Details Regarding The PerYourHealth Medical Billing Website:

  • In order to access your billing information you will need to provide your account number which can be found on the billing statement you received for the medical services rendered
  • If you already have an account registered with PerYourHealth (such as, you have previously made a payment through the service) you can log in using your previously created user ID
  • Patients who have used the service but no longer have access to their User ID can enter their account number (billing number) and will then receive an email with their User ID
  • In addition to a billing account number, users may also find a unique access key on their bill which will be entered to pull up their account and billing information

Completing bill payments online can be a convenient way to settle debts which may have otherwise required you to call or send in information using traditional mail.  Once you access your bill on PerYourHealth, you will have the options available for making your payment and once your payment has been completed you will receive a confirmation of payment which can be printed for your records and referenced as needed in the future.