Financial – FMA Online Payments

FMA Online Payments:

  • FMA is a debt collection company – if you have received notification from FMA that you have an outstanding debt you can visit this site to view your debt and make a payment
  • In order to log in to your account you will need your collection letter which you receive from FMA which will have your File#/Username which is needed to access your account
  • Once you have logged in and verified your debt information  you can then make payment using a one time payment or some users may be eligible for payment plans for their debt
  • It is very important to ensure that your debt is in fact debt which you are responsible for – prior to completing your payments you should verify the source of debt and resolve as necessary

Debt collection services are used by companies which customers have defaulted on payments.  The debt can be for goods, services, healthcare, etc.  Once you have received notification of an outstanding debt you will want to first make sure that the debt is in fact your debt.  One way to begin the process of repairing any damage this outstanding debt has caused is to review your credit report to determine if this debt has been reported on your report.  If you have identified problems in your credit report, it is very important to resolve the debt to avoid having bad marks on your credit history.  After resolving your debt all future payments should be made timely which will help positively influence your credit score.

Additional Information about FMA Debt Collection:

  • Payment can be made 24/7 through the online access by logging in – internet access on a compatible device will be required to log in
  • Once you have completed the payment process you can view or print your receipt which may be requested if you need to confirm your debt has been resolved


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