Financial – National Student Loan Data System for Students

National Student Loan Data System for Students:

  • This Data Base is run by the Department of Education and allows borrowers and prospective borrowers to access all of their federal student loan information in one place
  • Borrowers can access their account but must provide their personal information and security information such as their account name AND their social security number
  • The Department of Education allows students to access information regarding any Title IV financial aid funding – this accounts for essentially all federal student funding
  • This website does not provide students with financing options for education using private student loans as private loans are not available through the Department of Education

The Department of Education is an institution of the Federal Government which provides US citizens interested in college financial aid opportunities in the form of loans and grants.  Students can receive both subsidized and unsubsidized loans through the Department of Education; these will need to be paid back once the borrower’s education has been completed.  In addition, some students may be eligible for grants such as a Pell Grant which does not require repayment following the completion of the borrower’s education.

Subsidized loans are a popular option with many students as it allows them to continue their education without accruing additional interest costs while they are attending college.  These loans are subsidized by the Federal Government during a students education, that is, the interest charged while in school is paid for and does not add to your debt.

Additional Information about Federal Student Loans and Grants:

  • In order to access your personal loan information students/borrowers must have a FSA (Federal Student Aid) login ID registered
  • This website also provides Exit Consoling for soon to graduate students which review their financial commitments and obligations regarding their student loans
  • The Department of Education provides financial aid opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate education but the loan and funding may differ