Credit – My Nordstrom Card Activation

My Nordstrom Card Activation:

  • If you are a new Nordstrom Card Holder (or have received a new or replacement card) your new card will need to be verified and activated prior to use for purchasing goods
  • In order to activate your card you will need to provide your full credit card information from the card itself which includes the entire credit card number as well as the expiration date
  • If you have multiple cards under the same account the activation process would apply to all cards on this account (this would apply to cardholders with shared accounts, ie. family, etc)
  • Your card will remain inactive until this process has been completed – identity verification is required for security therefore the last four digits of your SSN is necessary to activate

Credit Card activation is an essential security step necessary to prevent improper use of newly issued credit cards.  Nordstrom Cards will be sent to consumers and once the applciation process is completed, customers can enjoy the benefits of their new Nordstrom card including the accumulation of Nordstrom Notes which is the point system used by the Nordstrom Card.  Each dollar spent at a Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack location is would double the notes.

If you have a current card which has recurring payments or autopay features associated with it, it is important to remember that these will need to be transferred over to your new card.  Failure to do so could result in missed payments on any revolving autopayments which you had previously set up on your prior card.

Additional Information about Nordstrom Card Vaccination:

  • If you are replacing an old credit card, it is always good practice to destroy the old card prior to disposal
  • Once your card has been activated you can begin using your new card immediately – activation is only required once