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My Shopper Survey

  • Participate in a consumer survey offered by My Shopper Survey
  • The survey is powered by illumination research
  • Take the survey and earn a chance to make additional cash

My Shopper Survey is the web’s foremost market research tool. By utilizing consumer feedback, it’s possible to predict shopping habits and better enhance product and service quality control. Of course, to glean this information, researchers need the help of the typical shopper, like you. If you’ve received a My Shopper Survey printout recently, it means you are invited to head online and offer feedback regarding your customer experience. The survey only takes a few minutes, and afterward you’ll have the opportunity to make some cash.

How to take the survey

  • Head over to the promotional website
  • Enter the code found on your printout in the text box
  • Enter your email and click “Submit”
  • Answer the survey questions when prompted
  • Survey is offered in English and Spanish

Depending on the needs of the researcher, you may be asked to participate in further surveys. Should this prove to be the case, you will be compensated for your time. My Shopper Survey does collect email addresses from those who participate. Because privacy is of the utmost importance, My Shopper Survey wants to make it clear that they do not sell this information to third parties, and they will only use email addresses for survey purposes, as well as rewards and incentives. The same goes for any other personal information collected, such as address and phone number.

Contacting Illumination Research

  • 1-513-774-9531
  • 5947 Deerfield Blvd #203, Mason, OH 45040, United States