www.MyOreoCreationContest.com – Oreo Creation Contest Create the Next Oreo Flavor

Oreo Creation Contest Create the Next Oreo Flavor:

  • If you have a worthy Oreo Creation and enter your new flavor in this contest you could be selected as the individual who creates a new Oreo flavor
  • There are multiple ways to enter this contest – you can enter through social media (Twitter/Instagram), you can text in to win, or you can register on the main sweepstakes website
  • Currently participants in the sweepstakes can enter via text or social media but the online submission entries will not be available until May 25th, 2017
  • The Grand Prize winner of this contest will receive a check for $500K and will be provided with a trip to New York City – there will also be several finalist prizes

Oreo Cookies are one of the most well known and adored cookies of all time.  Many flavors have been introduced throughout the years.  While many diehard Oreo fans will insist that anything but the classic chocolate with vanilla icing filling is heresy – many others love the unique flavors that often come along during seasonal times.  This sweepstakes if an Oreo lovers chance to present their idea of a new and unique flavor which could win them a very heft cash prize.

When submitting your creation you can do so using a brief description or image.  Your submission will need to reflect the idea and inspiration behind your Oreo flavor creation.  Participants will want to be very unique because there will be many entries and given the brevity of the entry mode, you will need to stand out!

Additional Information Regarding the Oreo Creation Contest:

  • If you are entering via social media such as Twitter or Instagram you will need to include the hashtags associated with this contest (#MyOREOCreation #Contest)
  • There will be one grand prize ($500,000 plus trip to NYC) and three finalist winner who will receive $25,000 prize
  • This contest begins May 8th, 2017 and the final winners will be announced in the spring or summer of 2018 (visit contest rules to see each phase of this contest)