Financial – Lending Club Personalized Loan Offer

Lending Club Personalized Loan Offer:

  • Lending Club has become one of the most trusted places customers turn for personal loans and pre-approval offers are at times provided to potential customers who meet requirements
  • When you arrive at the main Lending Club pre-approval page you will need to enter the Personal Funding Code you received on the offer which was sent to your for your loan
  • If you are having trouble trouble finding your Personal Funding Code (found on the Lending Club offer letter you received) there link to a graphic displaying where this code is located
  • Your Offer Code will have an expiration date – for customers who are considering applying for a loan it is very important to be observant of your expiration date or you may miss your offer

Personal loans can be an extremely valuable financial tool available to consumers when they are used appropriately.  There are many reasons to apply for a personal loan such as unexpected expenses, paying off higher interest loans, urgent home repairs, or many other situations.  The most important thing to consider when applying for a personal loan (or any loan) is to be aware of what you will be paying in interest and what your monthly payment will be.

Lending Club Personal Loans are much different than some personal loans in that the loans are purchased by individuals as opposed to banks.  This can at times allow for better rates but you will still need to go through a similar screening process and financial background check as done with many banks.

More Details Regarding the Lending Club Personalized Loan Offer:

  • Once you enter your Personal Funding Code you will then be directed to the application process to complete your personal loan request
  • Lending Club peer to peer lending also offers small business loans and auto refinance loans and more information can be found on the main Lending Club Website


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