Educational Tech – Red Pocket Mobile Device Activation

Red Pocket Mobile Device Activation:

  • Red Pocket Mobile users can visit this page to activate their device which will allow access to the prepaid mobile features provided by Red Pocket Mobile
  • Users can determine if their device is compatible with Red Pocket Mobile by visiting this webpage – once on the page users will be asked to provide their Device ID or ESN Number
  • If you already have the Red Pocket Mobile Starter Kit you can proceed to the activation steps lower on the page which will guide your through the activation process
  • To complete the activation process you will need to know if your phone is GSM or CDMA – you will also need to have your activation code available to initiate activation

In this day and age there is no question that the cell phone has become one of the most ubiquitous items found with people of all ages.  With this surge in popularity comes along the huge industry which is mobile service providers.  There are several major mobile carries which account for the majority of cell phone users.  These plans are often pricey for the average individual and many people are beginning to explore other options which are becoming more common.  One such option is Red Pocket Mobile which is a pre-paid plan which does not require users to be tied in to lengthy contracts which often have penalties associated with early termination.  For many individuals, having a pre-paid plan which can be purchased on a month to month basis makes more financial sense than to be locked in to a long term contract with a major wireless provider.  This is the primary reason plans such as Red Pocket Mobile are rapidly growing in popularity.

Additional Information About the Activation Process:

  • To determine if your phone is GSM or CMDA you must check to see if a SIM card is present – SIM card devices will be GSM devices
  • During the activation process you will need to provide a valid email address and the zip code which will be the area of service you will primarily be using your phone