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Elan is one of the principal financial card issuers in the United States, serving over 1,700 financial institutions. Their track record speaks for itself, which is why their clients keep coming back. To this end, no other company offers as many services to their clients at no out-of-pocket costs. This means that any financial institution, no matter the size, can take advantage of Elan’s credit card issuance and pass the benefits on to their customers. These benefits include competitive cardholder rewards programs, as well as 24-hour customer support. Now, Elan is giving back to cardholders in the form of a credit card offer. All folks need to do to redeem this offer is enroll online.

How to enroll in Elan’s credit card offer

  • Visit
  • Enter the promotion code in the required field
  • Enter your email address
  • Click “Submit”
  • Follow the prompts on screen to complete enrollment

Above all else, Elan values cardholder privacy and security, and as such would like to be upfront regarding just how they share members’ person info. All financial institutions share data, and Elan shares personal information for business purposes, such as processing payments and maintaining accounts. Elan also occasionally shares info for marketing purposes, such as when they offer new products or services to their members. Elan also shares personal data with their affiliates, and oftentimes this is in regards to members’ creditworthiness or transaction history. While federal law can’t limit all sharing of personal data, it does require that institutions like Elan disclose how and why they share. It’s Elan’s promise to always maintain this transparency.

Contacting Elan

  • 1-800-523-5354