Financial – Reload Money On To Your Prepaid Card

Reload Money On To Your Prepaid Card:

  • MoneyPak is a service which can be used to reload funds on to eligible prepaid cards once you have purchased you MoneyPak and verified your card online
  • Using this service, consumers can also send money to other prepaid cardholders – in order to do so,  both parties will need to verify their identities through the MoneyPak system
  • MoneyPak Cards are available for purchase at a variety of retailers and at any one transaction anywhere from $20 up to $500 can be added to your MoneyPak for transfer
  • Once you have purchased your MoneyPak you will then have to visit the MoneyPak website and provide your unique MoneyPak Pin to begin the verification process

Prepaid cards are a convenient way to manage money.  Another perk of prepaid cards is that you can easily reload money in a variety of ways depending on the card you have.  MoneyPak is a reload system which allows consumers to conveniently purchase a MoneyPak card and then load it on to another prepaid card – even if the card does not belong to the person who purchased the MoneyPak.  This is extremely convenient for people who may not be able to physically exchange a payment – funds can be transferred once identity verification has been completed.

If you have already registered with the MoneyPak website you can log in through the main webpage using your login credentials otherwise you will need to create a new account.  To ensure your card is eligible with MoneyPak you can visit the MoneyPak website and enter the first 6 digits of your prepaid card to determine eligibility.

More Details Regarding The MoneyPak Reload Service:

  • You will need to full 16 digit account number and name of the person who will be the recipient of the funds in order to reload a card
  • When visiting the MoneyPak webpage you can navigate to the “where to buy” tab to find retail locations where the product is available