Financial – MileagePlus GO Prepaid Visa Card

MileagePlus GO Prepaid Visa Card:

  • The Mileage Plus Go Card is a prepaid Visa Card which allows consumers to add funds and earn United Airlines Miles towards their MileagePlus accounts when making purchases
  • Users of this card can earn up to 2,500 MileagePlus miles each month which can be redeemed in the future to be used for airline tickets with United Airlines
  • This is a prepaid card and there is no credit associated with this card – funds must be loaded and available at the time of purchase in order to make a purchase with the card
  • This card requires users to pay an $85 annual fee – there is no credit check required to open the card and there are not late fees are interest charges made to users

Prepaid cards have become very popular financial tools because they allow consumers to avoid many of the troubles that can be associated with credit card use.  Unlike a credit card, your purchases are based on what is available in the account.  You cannot make purchases on credit, therefore your card never accrues a balance which must be paid off at a later date.  The other value of the prepaid card is that it is re-loadable and funds can be added at any time to allow for use of the card as needed.

In order to receive this card you will have to undergo identity verification during the sign up process but there will be no credit check associated with the sign up process.  If you already received your card you can visit the main website and follow the activation link to activate your new MileagePlus GO Card.

More Details Regarding the MileagePlus GO Prepaid Visa Card:

  • Purchases must be made in store or online using the “credit” option during check out – this will allow for a qualifying purchase to earn miles
  • To sign up for the card you will first need to provide your MileagePlus account number to begin the sign up process
  • For every dollar spent on the card with a qualifying purchase, cardholders will earn 1 mile