Lawsuit – Zizian v Massage Envy Class Action Lawsuit

Zizian v Massage Envy Class Action Lawsuit:

  • This website reviews the proposed class action settlement between Zizian and Massage Envy Franchising, LLC
  •  Members of this class action settlement can review their rights should this settlement be finalized regarding accrued massages during your membership
  • This settlement is of concern to Massage Envy members who had an active membership account between the dates of March 7th, 2015 and June 30th, 2016
  • Massage Envy members during this time will likely have received or will be receiving notification regarding your possible involvement in this class action suit

Massage Envy is a nationwide massage parlor which is run as a franchise.  Frequent customers have the option of joining the Massage Envy membership program which for a discounted cost, members will accrue massage time over the course of their membership.  If a membership was cancelled or non-renewed, this allegedly resulted in some members not receiving their accrued massage times – this was the basis of this class action lawsuit.  Massage Envy denies all allegations regarding this lawsuit.

If you were a member during this time and you are still a member today, your rights may still be affected by this lawsuit.  Part of the settlement for this lawsuit, if approved, includes that active members automatically receive 60 days from the cancellation or non-renewal of their membership to use any accrued massage time.  It will be important to make sure that your accrued massage balance is at zero before these 60 days expire should you opt to cancel your membership in the future.

Additional Information Regarding this Class Action Lawsuit:

  • Members who have cancelled their membership will need to complete a reinstatement form which will allow them to use their accrued massage time
  • In order to be eligible for membership reinstatement using this form you will need to have had at least one 50 minute massage unused after cancellation
  • If you would like to exclude yourself from this proposed settlement you must complete the exclusion form and postmark no later than October 18th, 2016