Credit – Marvel MasterCard Credit Card

Marvel MasterCard Credit Card:

  • MasterCard and Marvel comics are teaming up to offer consumers a credit card which celebrates the long tradition of Marvel comics
  • Applicants can visit this website to learn more about the features this card offers as well as complete an application for the credit card
  • This card provides cardholders with 3% cash back for dining, select entertainment and purchase made directly through Marvel online or at official booths
  • In addition to the 3% cash back offered on the above items, cardholders will also receive 1% cash back on all other purchases made with their card

Marvel Comics are one of the most storied and well known comic series there are.  By teaming up with MasterCard, Marvel is offerings fans of their comic series a chance to show off their support with the new Marvel credit card offered through MasterCard.  Cardholders can choose from several unique designs which feature various superheroes throughout the Marvel Universe.

This is a cashback credit card but also provides cardholders with other perks.  If you elect to apply for this card you will need to provide basic personal information which is required for a credit check to determine whether you will be approved for the card.  This will include your contact information, social security information, and some basic financial information – this is standard protocol for any application for a line of credit.

Additional Information about the Marvel Credit Card through MasterCard:

  • Cardholders will receive 10% off Marvel gear which is purchased through the official Marvel website
  • Additional discounts will be offered for Marvel gear and free shipping will be included for purchases made with the card during certain times of the year
  • Cardholders can create an online account which allows them to access their credit card account and manage their profile and account settings