Promotional – Manage My MAPCO Rewards Online

Mapco Rewards

  • Earn rewards towards MAPCO convenience store purchases
  • Rewards include Gas Discounts, free in-store Mapco items or gift cards
  • Free to sign up with no annual fee
  • By participating in the MAPCO MY Rewards program, members agree to accept the terms and conditions governing its use. MAPCO Express, Inc.
  • MAPCO reserves the right to terminate the program at anytime and members will not be reimbursed for rewards lef ton the table

It should be noted that not evet MAPCO location offers the gas discount promotion and customers should check with their local store for further details.  When purchasing gas at the pump please answer yes to the question “are you a MAPCO my rewards member” then immediately insert your MAPCO MY Rewards card when prompted and remove quickly (this will ensure the member receive points towards their purchase).

Terms and Conditions associated with the MAPCO Rewards program?

  • Members have 9 months to use the points on a MAPCO MY Rewards Membership Card or they will expire
  • Duplicate full-size MAPCO membership cards or key-tag cards are not available
  • Members will receive special promotion via email about once a month (more during the holiday season)
  • Members can add a security PIN number to their account by visiting the MAPCO MY Rewards kiosk inside the store or by accessing their account online and creating a PIN
  • In some states, MAPCO and all other gasoline companies are prohibited from discounting gas
  • The members point balance will be printed on a MAPCO receipt after a membership transaction
  • Any questions about the program can be directed to 1-877-722-4664 (Monday – Friday, 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM EST)

Some examples of discount and promotion MAPCO reward members receive include: Buy 6 Java/Fizz/Freezie cups and get 7th Free, Choice: Buy 6 bags of fruits or vegetables and get 7th Free, DOUBLE points on all MY brand products and buy 10 gallons worth of fuel and get the 11th free.  This rewards program is highly recommended for those who frequent MAPCO convenient stores on a regular basis.