Banking – Activate your new Barclaycard today

Activate your new Barclaycard today

  • Get an L.L. Bean Visa card from Barclaycard
  • Get great L.L. Bean discounts
  • Activate your L.L. Bean Barclaycard online

Barclays is a financial organization whose origins date back to the 1600s. Over the course of this extensive timeline they have risen to become a global leader in finance services. And even through they work with some of the largest corporations around, they still focus on individuals and small businesses. Barclays is always looking for ways to tailor their service to the individual, and with the creation of the Barclaycard, they have achieved this goal. Those who are interested in obtaining a new credit card have plenty of Barclaycards to choose from, all of them offering different discounts and features. For example the L.L. Bean Visa Barclaycard is tailor made for those who enjoy shopping at the retail giant.

Benefits of an L.L. Bean Visa Barclaycard

  • All the great features and services Visa is known for
  • Earn unlimited $10 coupons as you shop
  • Earn 3% on L.L. Bean purchases
  • Earn 1% on purchases anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Redeem coupons for L.L. Bean clothing

Those who are approved for a new L.L. Bean Visa Barclaycard can start shopping immediately—all they have to do is activate it. The good news is that any Barclaycard can be activated quickly and easily online. All that’s required is to visit the promo page (see below) and enter the account username. Also, folks can skip the login process and simply click “Activate My Card Now” for instant activation. Once the card is activated, the cardholder will then have the option to setup online account access, which makes managing the Barclaycard even easier.

Contacting Barclays

  • Card Services, P.O. Box 8801 Wilmington, DE 19899-8801