Promotional – LEGO Product Feedback Survey

Lego Product Feedback

  • Provide customer service information in regards to a child’s new LEGO product
  • The survey is designed to be taken by the child’s parents
  • The LEGO product feedback survey takes around 10 minutes to complete (give or take a minute or two)
  • Please do not complete the survey until after the child have used the new LEGO product purchased
  • Feedback will only be used in ongoing marketing research

For children who do attempt to take the LEGO survey please do so with the help of an adult, preferably a parent or legal guardian.  By taking the survey the customer agrees to help LEGO profit from developing, manufacturing, and marketing products, without ongoing compensation.  In return for their time customers will be rewarded with a sweepstakes entry to win a variety of LEGO prizes.

To complete the survey please have the 4 (or 5 digit) LEGO product code on hand.  This “product code” can be located in one of three places: 1. On the front of the LEGO box below the age marking; 2. On the side of the LEGO box below the LEGO logo; 3. On the front page of the Building Instructions enclosed in the LEGO box.

What is this LEGO Feedback Sweepstakes?

  • Odds of winning depend on how many people provide feedback’
  • The sweepstakes is conducted by the Medialla Company
  • LEGO prizes cannot be redeemed for cash

Who or what is a LEGO?

  • Popular child’s toy that dates back to the 1930’s
  • The Lego Group began in the carpentry workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, in Billund, Denmark
  • The shop originally caters to toys such as trains, piggy banks (made from wood), wooden horses and trucks

LEGO really took off after the end of World War II when the firm purchased a plastic injection molding machine and started to mass produce the product.  The firm has an annual revenue over 4 billion US dollars.