Financial – KeyBank Digital Banking and Card Activation

KeyBank Digital Banking and Card Activation:

KeyBank customers can enroll in online digital banking which allows them to control most aspects of their banking experience online at their computer.  One of the features KeyBank Online Banking provides is the ability to activate a new card online.  Before customers can activate a new KeyBank Card they will need to enroll in online banking and verify their account – once this is complete, consumers can access their account using the credentials they create during account enrollment.  KeyBank provides both debit cards (linked to KeyBank Checking Accounts) and credit cards – both of these cards can be activated through you online banking account.  Once a new card has been set up, it will be available for use and cardholders will see their purchases reflected on their transaction history when they access their account online.

KeyBank Online Banking and Card Activation Highlights/Services:

  • If you have not enrolled with online banking you will need to create a new account which will require identity and account verification (SSN and account information will need to be provided)
  • Once your account as been set up you can log in using your User ID and Password and follow the instructions for activating a new credit or debit card with KeyBank
  • Activating a new card will require you to select the account you wish to activate, authenticating your identity, and consumers will receive email notification once completed
  • KeyBank Credit and Debit Cards are offered in conjunction with MasterCard and can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted

Banking and financial institutions are continually offering more and more options for online account management.  Having the convenience to manage account settings from home is making banking easier for consumers and providing more flexibility when managing financial decisions.  KeyBank provides a full online suite of online banking tools and enrollment can be easily completed and set up in minutes.