Coupons Educational – Register Your Keurig Appliance

Register Your Keurig Appliance:

  • Currently when you register your new Keurig appliance you will be eligible to receive two free pods with the purchase of two pods (applies to select pods only)
  • If you are a Keurig Hot customer you can choose between Hot Pods, Keurig Kold customers can select from Kold options
  • To register your device you will need to provide your product model information,  serial number, purchase date and from where the product was purchased
  • In addition to product information, registration requires creating an account by selecting an account name and password

Registering your product and creating an account with Keurig allows Keurig appliance owners to quickly reference their product information and also allows for easier service if you appliance needs service through Keurig.  Registering with Keurig also provides you with the option to sign up for Keurig emails which allows consumers to receive up to date news and offers abut their Keurig appliance.

In order to receive your free Keurig pods you will need to register your appliance which will then allow you to use the redemption code.  This code is eligible for buy 2 packs get 2 packs free only on purchases made through, this code is not redeemable at retail locations.  Keurig offers both hot and cold brewing cups and the code will be eligible for compataible cups with the registered appliance only.

Additional Information Regarding Keurig Registration:

  • A maximum of three devices can be registered and coupon redeemed to one household
  • The confirmation code will appear once registration is completed and you will also receive an email with the associated code
  • When four boxes are purchased, the least expensive of the four selected item will be eligible for the free coupon redemption
  • Coupon codes have no cash value and are not eligible for resale and are non-transferable