Educational – Keep Fox Cable and Sports Networks on Charter Spectrum

Keep Fox Cable and Sports Networks on Charter Spectrum:

  • This website provides information regarding Fox Networks which may be pulled from Charter Spectrum cable television services
  • This notification applies to Charter Spectrum customers as well as customers who recently switched to Charter from Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks
  • The dispute could affect channels including Fox Sports (various regional channels would apply), National Geographic, and FX Networks
  • The website provides resources which allows customers to determine if they may be affected by the issue as well as resources to contact Charter

Television providers and networks will occasionally encounter disputes when both parties cannot agree to an appropriate contract between the provider and the network.  These disputes are often financial in nature and very often it is difficult to tell who may or may not be in the right or wrong.  Both parties in a dispute attempt to negotiate the best deal for their side and in the case of networks, they can appeal to the customers who may be affected if they pull stations from the provider.  This website is designed to provide consumers with information regarding the channels which could be pulled.

Charter Spectrum provides cable service to customers across the United States and are one of the biggest cable companies in the country.  They are known for their reliable and lightning fast high speed internet and their cable television services.

Additional Information about Fox Networks Dispute with Charter Spectrum:

  • Stations could be affected beginning April 10th, 2017 but there is currently no precise timeline
  • The website provides a search tool which uses your zip code to find alternative providers which are not affected by this dispute
  • This would affect the Fox Sports regional networks including Fox Sports Midwest, Fox Sports Ohio, Fox Sports Florida, Fox Sports Kansas City, and more