Promotional Survey – Jenny Craig Staff Feedback Survey

Jenny Staff Feedback

  • Participate in the Jenny Craig Staff Feedback Survey
  • Help improve worker morale and efficiency through feedback
  • Survey can be completed quickly and easily online

Jenny Craig has been the first name in weight loss since the company was founded in 1983. In that time, they have helped people around the world lose weight and feel good about themselves in the process. It’s this commitment to their customers that has made Jenny a powerhouse in the nutrition industry. But they also understand that it’s the employees that get the job done each and every day. Jenny Craig is always looking for constructive feedback from their staff, which is why they are now offering this feedback survey. By participating, Jenny Craig employees can express their opinion in a safe environment and help make the company even greater.

How to take part in the Jenny Craig Staff Feedback Survey

  • Visit
  • Enter your Centre ID in the text box
  • Click “Start”
  • Answer the survey questions when prompted
  • Receive your free offer or reward (if applicable)

Jenny Craig values their employees’ privacy as much as they do their customers’. While survey participants will be required to provide personal data such as name and email, this data will only be used for the survey. Neither Jenny Craig nor their research partner will disclose this info for marketing purposes. The only way personal data will be used is for fulfillment of incentives as well as business and research purposes. The survey does use certain computer tools, such as cookies, to retrieve computer information from survey participants but, again, this information is kept strictly confidential.

Contacting the Jenny Craig Staff Feedback Survey

  • SMG Privacy Office 1737 McGee, Kansas City, MO, 64108