Lawsuit – Hydroxycut Class Action Settlement Information

Hydroxycut Class Action Settlement Information:

  • This webpage provides information about the class action settlement pertaining to Hydroxycut products sold by Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc.
  • This class action settlement applies to individuals who purchased a Hydroxycut supplement between the dates of May 2, 2009 – February 15, 2017
  • The settlement class consists of two categories – individuals who have purchased Hydroxycut supplements and do not have proof of purchase and those who do have proof of purchase
  • The only way you are eligible to participate in this settlement class if you have purchased a Hydroxycut product and complete a claim form by May 30th, 2017

Class action settlements are agreements reached without a court ruling (in regards to guilt) to avoid the often costly and lengthy process of continued litigation.  It is important to remember that class action settlements are not an admission of wrong doing or proof of wrong doing by any party but rather an agreement to settle the case without a court decision.  In this case, Iovate Health Science USA maintains that none of the allegations are correct.

This case regards whether or not consumers were mislead regarding the effectiveness of Hydroxycut products which were advertised and labeled as a supplement often used for weight loss.  At this time there is not a set timeline for when payments will be issued.  The claim deadline (5/30/17) has been set but due to the appeals process it is unclear when the final court approval will be issued and therefore payment dates cannot be determined at this time.

Additional Information Regarding this Class Action Settlement:

  • Class members with proof of purchase can submit their receipt and receive a refund for the amount which was paid
  • If you are a member of this class action suit but do not have proof of purchase you may still be eligible for $14 per purchase up to 2 refunds
  • Under law, only consumers who made a Hydroycut purchase are eligible to participate in this settlement