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Zelda Monthly Giveaway

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When “The Legend of Zelda” was first released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the ‘80s, it re-defined the idea of role-playing games. “Zelda” combined action and adventure with compelling puzzles, all wrapped up in a rich storyline. As a testament to the game’s enduring popularity, it has seen at least one version be released on every subsequent Nintendo gaming console. So where do TLOZ’s ravenous fans go when they need news, tips, tricks, walkthroughs concerning their favorite game? That’s right, to Hidden Triforce. For many years this website has provided a robust community for Zelda fans, a one-stop-shop for everything they need to fan the flames of mania. Now Hidden Triforce would like to give back by offering members of this community a chance to win a free monthly giveaway.

How to enter the Zelda monthly giveaway

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Those who sign up for the mailing list will receive all the latest Zelda news, plus info regarding promos and giveaways. And of course, they will also be automatically entered to win a prize in a monthly giveaway. So, for those who want to bask in the glow of everything Zelda while simultaneously earning a shot at prizes, visit Hidden Triforce now.

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