Tech Uncategorized – HBO Go Activation

HBO Go Activation:

  • Activate your HBO Go Account to access your account from your streaming device
  • Select your device type, your service carrier, and sync your carrier with your HBO Go Account
  • Please note you must already subscribe to HBO through your TV Carrier – Account information will be needed for registration
  • Allows you to stream HBO Go from any device which supports this service

HBO Go is an application and web browser based video streaming service offered by HBO.  Like other video on demand application, this service allows users to access HBO’s selection of videos, documentaries, movies, TV Series and more available at any time.   HBO Go does not limit the amount of streaming, you have unlimited access to all of the available selections through HBO Go. This service is available for streaming through popular devices such as Playstation 4, Xbox One, Roku, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, and many more.

What you will find on HBO Go:

  • Popular HBO Series – both past and present – available immediately following the original airing on HBO
  • Stream movies which are available on HBO – Movies update regularly to provide options
  • Documentaries and HBO Sports are also available using HBO Go

If you already subscribe to HBO with your cable or satellite provider you have all of the information to sign up for HBO Go at no additional cost.  HBO is owned by the subsidiary of Time Warner Cable – Home Box Office Inc.  They offer premium cable services and are a leader in the industry.  Their original programming (such as TV Series and Documentaries) have made them a leader in premium entertainment subscription services and have received significant critical acclaim for series and features which can only be found on HBO.