Financial – Hancock Bank My Pay Card Account

Hancock Bank My Pay Card Account:

Payroll cards can be a very convenient way to have employer pay made quickly available after payday.  The idea for a payroll card is pretty simple – instead of receiving a paycheck (paper check for example) employees pay is automatically loaded on to a debit card.  The payroll card then acts just like any other debit card and can be used anywhere that card is accepted.  The Hancock Bank Payroll Card is partnered with Visa and the card is available for use at merchants who accept Visa.  Just like a normal debit card, you make purchases with the funds which are already available on your card.  This means you do not accrue debt like you do with a credit card.  Funds can also be made immediately available on the card as soon as your employer issues your pay.

Additional Details Regarding The Hancock Bank Pay Card:

  • If you are an existing member with Hancock Bank Pay Card you can access your account by providing your account card number and the last 4 digits of your social security number
  • Once you have accessed your account you will be able to review your recent transactions and determine your account balance which allows your to manage your budget and finances
  • The Pay Card works just like a debit card when used at an ATM and your funds will be available allowing your to access for cash – PIN number will be required for ATM withdrawals
  • 24/7 customer service is available and your statement will be issued privately each month to provide enhanced security

PayCards are popular options for streamlining the payroll process for employees and employers.  If you use the Hancock Bank PayCard you can easily access your account through the main login screen.  Having your account available online can allows consumers to quickly access their finances and allows for an easy way to be on top of the funds you have available for purchasing.