www.grandstandforschools.com – Campbell’s Grand Stand for Schools Sweepstakes Entry

Campbell’s Grand Stand for Schools Sweepstakes Entry:

  • Campbell’s Grand Stand for Schools Sweepstakes for 2016 is currently underway – 100 schools will receive a prize of $10,000
  • To enter this contest you can visit the sweepstakes website and provide your age and a valid email address which will be associated with your entry
  • The Giveaway begins on August 1st 2016 and goes through October 31st 2016 – this is the official contest promotional period when entries can be made
  • Entrants can receive bonus entries – once entered (at no cost) you can enter promotional codes from eligible products for up to 5 bonus entries

The Grand Stand for Schools Giveaway is an extension of the Campbell’s tradition of giving back to education by providing a giveaway contest in which eligible products provide additional chances to win one of the 100 cash prizes for $10,000.  Once you have entered your age and email address you will need to provide information for the registration form which will ask you to find your school which you would like to enter – you will need to provide the school zip code and full name of the organization.

There are a number of Campbell’s products which allow consumers to participate in the giveaway by earning bonus entries.  Campbell’s products such as their soups are just one of the lines of food items eligible – this contest also includes Campbell’s products such as V8 Splash or V8 Fusion, Spaghettio’s, Goldfish, and Prego.

Additional Information about the Campbell’s Grand Stand for Schools Giveaway:

  • To enter, entrants must be legal US residents and must be at least 18 years old at the time of registration
  • Bonus entries (up to 5 are allowed) can also be obtained at no purchase necessary by sending in a handwritten letter to the giveaway mailing address
  • In addition the giveaway, there will also be instant winners when entering who will receive a $150 Visa Prepaid Giftcard