Promotional – Goodyear Tire Rebate Online Tool

Goodyear Tire Rebate Online Tool:

  • Consumers can track their submitted rebate, submit a new rebate request for a recent purchase or check on available offers or forms associated with a purchase
  • To begin a new rebate process you can enter the offer number which can be found on the rebate form provided with your recent tire purchase – this will initiate the process
  • If you have already submitted a rebate form you can check your status using different methods to retrieve your form – entering your name, email or claim number all are options available
  • In order to complete the rebate request form you will need to have the receipt which was provided by the retailer from which you purchased your new Goodyear tires

Goodyear tires are one of the most trusted tire brands in the industry with options for nearly any vehicle tire you are looking for.  Goodyear tire purchases will often come with a rebate form which can be completed both online or by mail.  If you choose to complete it online you will need to visit this website and provide the necessary information such as your personal contact information so that the rebate can be sent to your once the form and request have been processed.

The online rebate form can be completed quickly as long as you have the necessary paperwork to complete the process.  All of the necessary information can be found on the receipt which was provided by your Goodyear tire retailer.  You will also be asked to include information about your vehicle and purchase such as the make model and year of your vehicle and also the number of tires which you purchased.

Additional Information about Goodyear Tire Rebates:

  • The offer number/code will be found on the rebate form which was provided by your retailer – it will be a numeric code to enter
  • The rebate is good for sets of four tires – depending on the tires you purchased will decide the total amount of rebate which is available to you
  • Your invoice number and invoice date will also need to be provided to complete your form – this will be found on your purchase receipt


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