Educational – GolfNow VIP Program Information Page

GolfNow VIP Program Information Page:

  • Potential customers interested in learning about GolfNow VIP Program can visit this page to learn about the features provided by being a VIP Member with GolfNow
  • GolfNow is a third party golf booking service that provides discounts to users by providing special deals which prices are only available through the service
  • Users can search for courses in a variety of ways including by entering the name of a course, providing a zip code, or entering the city you would like to play in
  • The GolfNow VIP program is a membership based service which provides additional savings for customers such as no convenience fees for all bookings

Golf is one of America’s most popular leisure activities and sports.  Whether you are a casual golfer or an avid fan of the game you have almost certainly encountered issues getting on a course before.  The purpose of GolfNow is to provide a service for golfers which ensures their tee time while also providing discounted rates.  By having relationships with golf courses, GolfNow is able to provide the best price possible while ensuring their users will have a scheduled tee time when they arrive to play.

A variety of perks are available for members of the VIP program such as the aforementioned waived convenience fees.  In addition to this, members will enjoy earning points faster than they otherwise would accrue.  Members are also provided with no penalty in the event of a cancellation or if a tee time needs to be adjusted.

Additional Information about GolfNow VIP Program:

  • The GolfNow VIP Program has an annual fee of $99 and that includes all of the services provided by the program – no additional costs after the annual fee
  • Members will have access to an exclusive VIP phone line to quickly connect with representative to set up your golf outings or adjust scheduled times