Survey – Golden Chick Customer Satisfaction Survey

Golden Chick Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • The Golden Chick Survey can be completed one any device which has a web browser and access to the internet – you will need your receipt from your recent visit to initiate the survey
  • Feedback is provided from customers who dined at Golden Chick restaurants and this information can then be reviewed and studied to improve the overall dining experience
  • Wen you visit this webpage, you will be prompted to enter a 15 digit numeric code which can be found on your receipt which was provided to you at your recent Golden Chick visit
  • Once you have correctly enter the code, you can then start the survey – please note, if you enter the incorrect code you will not be able to gain access to the survey form

Golden Chick Restaurants are a staple in many states in the United States but none more so than Texas.  Founded in 1967, in San Marcos, Texas Golden Chick has grown to 166 locations and counting.  This year is especially important to Golden Chick as it is the year they will be celebrating their 50th anniversary of business.  As you may have guessed based on the name, Golden Chick specializes in chicken (though you will also find options such as their southern style catfish).  They are best known for both their fried and roasted chicken which are available to customers as sandwiches, tenders, or whole pieces.

Additional Information regarding Golden Chick and Golden Chick Customer Survey:

  • In order to complete the survey you will need to retain your receipt following your visit – this is the only place you will find the code to activate the survey process
  • This survey is available in English and if you would like to complete the survey in Spanish, you will find a link on the survey webpage to select this option


(972) 831-0911