Financial – Marriott Rewards Credit Card

Get Marriott Points

  • Apply for the popular Marriott rewards card
  • Requires the 12 digit invitation number along with the applicants zip code and last name
  • The card is issued by Chase Bank and is ideal for consumers who like to travel
  • Applicants will be approved (or denied) based on credit score/history and a pre approval offer is very likely to be approved in less than one minute
  • The entire Marriott Rewards Credit Card application process should take less than 5 minutes to complete

Please have the Get Marriott Points mailing offer on hand when applying on-line as it will make the process much easier to complete.  The Marriott Rewards Credit Card may require the customer to input an “offer code” as well (this will depend on the type of offer and when it was sent).

Why on earth should one apply for the Get Marriott Points reward card?

  • Offers 5 reward points for every dollar spent at a Marriott resort
  • Provides a one night free stay each year (regardless of how many times the customer uses the Marriott Rewards Credit card)
  • No nasty little foreign transaction fees
  • Comes with embedded chip technology
  • Offers different levels based upon how often the card is used (members who use the card more often will earn GREATER rewards)
  • Exclusive events for card members only

Other lesser Get Marriott Rewards program rewards include 2 points when a member spends $1 at restaurants, car rental agencies, and on airline tickets (airline tickets do not qualify unless they customer purchases the tickets directly from the airline i.e. Southwest, American).  The program offers three different levels to include Silver, Gold and Platinum status.

What are the differences between the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card levels?

  • Silver: Late check in at airports |20% bonus on points for stays
  • Gold: Free Internet Access during stays | Guaranteed lounge access/breakfast (does not include pancakes) | 25% bonus on points for stays
  • Platinum: 50% bonus on points for stays | Guaranteed Platinum arrival gift (the gift is not specified in the terms and conditions but one can expect flowers or food)

Any questions about the Marriott Rewards program can be directed to a customer care agent at 1-800-338-5960.


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