Educational – Illinois State Healthcare Marketplace

Illinois State Healthcare Marketplace:

  • Learn about healthcare options available for Illinois residents through the Illinois State Healthcare Marketplace
  • On this website consumers can compare healthcare plans, check their eligibility for healthcare coverage and schedule in person appointments to discuss their options face to face
  • The current open enrollment period is open and will be open through January 31st 2016 – after this consumers can still visit this site to learn about options available to them
  • Individuals can learn about the healthcare plans which best suit their needs.  Small business owners can also explore options which may be available to them for their employees

Illinois residents interested in learning more about healthcare coverage options available to them can compare plans and talk with trained healthcare professionals to determine which plans may best suit their needs.  This website is designed to assist both uninsured individuals as well as individuals who are insured but would like to see what other options may exist.

Users of this website can answers a short questionnaire which will ask specific questions relating to eligibility and the type of coverage needed – upon completing this questionnaire, you will have a more comprehensive and individualized information sheet which you can review to determine what will be the right choice for you.  To complete you will need to provide basic information about yourself and your family’s healthcare profile.

More about the Illinois Healthcare Marketplace:

  • Consumers can learn about financial assistance which they may qualify for depending on their individual circumstances
  • Any advice or consultation received from the trained healthcare professionals – whether in person or online – comes at no cost to the consumer
  • You can also learn about ways you can use your new coverage to get the healthcare benefits you and your family deserve


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