Credit – The American Express Green Card

The American Express Green Card:

  • The American Express Green Card is one of the most popular cards offered by American Express – a leader in the credit card industry
  • This website allows consumers who have received pre-qualifying offers from Amex to enter their RSVP code to proceed with their Amex Green Card application
  • The American Express Green Card is a rewards card which accumulates points which can redeemed for travel – use for hotels, flights and more
  • Applicants for this card can apply and receive a decision in as little as 60 seconds

American Express is one of the largest and most reputable credit card companies in the United States.  Offering a large variety of credit card types, there is likely to be an American Express Card which suits your individual needs.  Consumers can choose from personal credit cards, business cards, corporate cards, and prepaid cards.  As a fortune 100 company, you can feel secured that you are doing business with a company which has earned its spot among the top credit companies in the world.

Like all credit decisions, consumer approval will be based on many factors such as credit history and credit worthiness.  These factors will influence consumers chances of approval and their credit line for which they are approved.  It is encouraged that all consumers familiarize themselves with how their credit history may effect their future credit decisions.

More About The American Express Green Card:

  • This card does not have an annual fee for the first year – after the first year consumers will be responsible for a $95 annual fee
  • Consumers will earn 1x points on all purchases made with their AMEX Green Card.  All purchases made through Amex Membership Rewards will receive 2x points
  • When you book your travel plans with American Express Membership Rewards you are not subject to black out dates
  • This card comes with the features you expect to see from AMEX  such as roadside assist, travel insurance, and purchase protection