Banking – Pilot J Bonus Rewards and Chrome Rewards

Fuel More Get More

  • Join the Flying J Fuel More, Get More rewards program and save
  • Earn discounts on fuel
  • Must be 18 years or older to participate

Pilot J operates the premier chain of travel centers across the United States. And those who drive professionally understand that when they see a Flying J outpost, convenience is at hand. This organization has maintained its sterling reputation in large part because they place so much value on their customers. They know it can be hard on the road, and now they’d like to help even more by offering loyal patrons discounts in the form of Monthly Bonus Rewards and Chrome Rewards. Through these rewards programs, drivers can earn monthly discounts that they can put towards fuel or products at any Flying J locale. All that’s required is to meet a target purchase goal.

How Monthly Bonus Rewards and Chrome Rewards work

  • Each month, a fuel target is established
  • Loyalty members receive either a Bonus Rewards card or a Chrome Rewards card
  • Target gallons are tracked via the card
  • $10 in discounts will be awarded to Bonus Reward cardholders
  • Purchase 1600 in fuel during one month to earn a Chrome Reward of $10

Those who wish to enroll in this program and receive a rewards card can sign up at any participating Flying J location. Some personal information will be requested, such as name, address, zip code and telephone number. Date of birth will also be required. Each household is permitted one rewards account only. Different members of the household can have different cards, but these cards will be tied to the same rewards account. Flying J allows for a maximum of five cards to be active on one household account.

Contacting My Rewards

  • 1-877-866-7378