Banking – Order First Merit Check Online

Order First Merit Checks Online

  • Replace checks quickly and easily through First Merit Bank
  • Manage your First Merit accounts through online banking
  • Change the address of your checks online

For well over 100 years, First Merit Bank has been offering the utmost in customer service to their valued clientele. In order to achieve this, they maintain a robust system to help deliver the services clients expect as efficiently as possible. In today’s day and age that means maintaining an online banking system second to none. Whereas before folks needed to physically visit a banking location to get new checks, now they can order them quickly and easily online through First Merit. And online banking doesn’t just cover checks—it is a central hub where folks can manage all aspects of their accounts.

The many features of online banking with First Merit

  • Order and cancel checks
  • View account statements
  • View transaction history
  • Make loan payments
  • Take advantage of the Merit Rewards Shop, Earn & Protect program

As mentioned above, folks who sign up with Merit Bank’s online banking will have the option to enroll in the Merit Rewards Shop, Earn & Protect program. This is an incentive system that offers a number of benefits, from cash and debit rewards to activation bonuses and identity theft protection. Those who sign up for this program will find that their First Merit accounts are fully protected from identity theft, and in addition they can earn $0.05 for every purchase made with their debit card. And the great rewards don’t stop there. Folks can earn up to $150 for such services as bill pay and direct deposit.

Contacting First Merit Bank

  • 1-888-554-4362