Credit – Excella Visa Prepaid Debit Card

Excella Visa Prepaid Debit Card

  • Get a prepaid excella debit card with no credit check
  • No cost to activate
  • Have more control of your money with an excella prepaid debit card

Excella has been offering prepaid debit cards for years. And what they pride themselves on above all else is the fact they offer one of the lowest ownership costs of any prepaid plan around. That means customers can have a safer, more efficient means of managing their finances without having to give up too much of their cash. Actually getting one of these cards is a breeze, too. No bank account is required to pick one up, and there are no purchase or activation costs associated with the card. Simply charge up your excella Visa debit card with however much money you want, and you can start shopping. Folks can pick one of these cards up at any excella retail location, or they can reserve one right from the comfort of their own home by applying online

Other great reasons to own an excella Visa prepaid debit card

  • Works anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy
  • Pay bills with the prepaid card
  • Comes in different colors

There’s nothing easier than loading your new excella Visa prepaid debit card with cash. Not only can you do this at any excella location, but there are a number of partner locations as well. These include such common retail outlets as Western Union and Green Dot. There is a mandatory minimum of $10 when loading a card, but once filled, folks have a daily withdraw limit of $500. The maximum limit a person can store on the excella Vista card is $10,000.

Contacting excella

  • Excella Card Services, 160 Oak Drive, Syosset, New York 11791
  • 1-877-599-3742