Coupons – Ensure Coupons and Discounts

Ensure Coupons and Discounts:

  • This website allows customers to sign up for Ensure discounts and coupons by registering with their contact information
  • Consumers who sign up will receive an instant $3 coupon which can be used towards Ensure products
  • During the course of this promotion, participants will receive up to $50 in coupons and discounts
  • These discounts are member based and in order to receive these coupons, sign up will be necessary – sign up is free and requires only basic contact info

Ensure is one of the most popular meal replacement drinks available.  Meal replacement drinks work on the principle of providing all of the nutrients one would find in a balanced meal.  This allows individuals to receive all of the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals without the hassle of preparing food.  Ensure offers a full range of products depending on your goals such as the original which is a well balanced meal replacement or the high protein options if you are needing extra protein in your diet.  There are also light options available as well.

How to Participate in the Discounts:

  • Sign ups will need to include their home address and email address to register for this promotion
  • Once registered you will have access to discounts and coupons throughout the promotional period
  • In addition to discounts, registrants will also receive access to dieting tips and advice – registered dietitians will be available to assist
  • Upon registration, participants will also be required to complete a brief questionnaire inquiring in to aspects of healthy lifestyles

Ensure is produced by Abbott Laboratories and offers a full range of meal replacement drinks under the Ensure brand.  These drinks come in many different flavors and have a wide range of nutrient profiles to meet the needs of the individual.