Educational – Activating Embark Dog DNA Test

Activating Embark Dog DNA Test:

  • Users of the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit can visit this page to activate their kit prior to use – this is a required step towards completing the Embark DNA Test
  • In order to activate your DNA Test you will need to sign in or, if you have not already, you will need to create an account which will be used to access the online aspects of the test
  • There are multiple options for creating a new account – users can sign in using their Facebook information, sign in using a Google Account information, or create an Embark Account
  • To create an account with Embark you will only need to provide your full name and the email address which will be associated with your account when accessing in the future

Embark Dog DNA Tests are becoming a very popular option for dog lovers everywhere.  Much like the technology we see advertised for humans which provide insight in to our origins and our unique genetic traits, Embark has set out to provide this same type of insight for mans best friend.  The test uses extremely scientific markers which can accurately determine key genetic features of your dog such as breed identification, health tests, ancestry reports, and much more.

The test process is very straightforward.  Customers will be provided with a saliva swab which will need to be administered to your dog and sent back in for the DNA test to be completed.  Before sending back your swab, you will need to activate your kit by creating an online account.

Additional Information about Embark Dog DNA Testing:

  • In addition to the test swab you will also receive a dog tag which includes a code which can be scanned to access your dogs profile once the test has been completed
  • The goal of Embark is not only to provide owners with valuable and fascinating information about their dogs but to also increase the understanding of what makes up our dogs at the genetic level