Credit – The Discover it Miles Rewards Card

Discover it Miles Travel Credit Card:

  • Consumers can apply for a Discover it Miles travel credit card or view their personalized offer prior to filling out the full application
  • New cardholders who sign up for the Discover it Miles card will receive double miles after their first year of use – automatically doubles your balance after year one
  • When flying with your Discover it miles card, consumers are not be subject to black out dates, can fly any airline and the card even provides on flight WiFi reimbursement up to $30 per year
  • All purchases are eligible for 1.5x miles – for each dollar spent you will accrue 1.5x miles to add to your balance

Discover is an industry leader in credit card services in the United States and the “it” line of cards has been gaining notoriety in the past years.  Discover now offers a Discover it card which allows consumers to earn travel rewards when they use their card for making purchases.  Unlike the previously well known Discover it cards which are primarily cash back cards, this card provides travel rewards which can be used for flights and more.

Users can visit this website and enter some basic information including the last four digits of your social security number which allows Discover to produce a customized offer without completing the entire application.  If one goes on to complete the full application process, the credit decision will be based on the individuals credit factors such as credit score, credit rating, existing accounts and other considerations which are a factor of credit decisions.

Additional Information about the Discover it Miles Card:

  • Consumers are not subject to an annual fee and will receive no late fee for the first late payment on their balance
  • Every credit statement comes with a FICO credit score – the score used by many financial institutions to judge credit worthiness
  • All purchases made in the first 12 months of opening a new card are subject to zero percent interest rate