Educational – Dexcom Glucose Monitoring System

Dexcom Glucose Monitoring System:

Patients who have the need to continually monitor their blood glucose levels can visit the Dexcom website to learn about the features this device provides and also learn about what type of coverage may be available for them if they are interested in using this device for their health needs.  Making a medical decision should never be based solely on advertisements but it can be a great place to start and then take the discussion up with your doctor or medical provider.  Any medical decisions should always be done under the guidance of your physician but if the Dexcom device is something that may benefit you it is beneficial to learn what coverages are available for affording the device as well as what the device does for patients.

Details Regarding The Dexcom CGM System and Getting Started with the Device:

  • When you visit the man Dexcom Now site you will have the option to follow the get started link which will request your information and you can decide if you would like to provide this to receive additional information from Dexcom
  • This device is intended for use with patients who are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and requires continuous monitoring of their blood glucose levels – this is something which must be diagnosed  by your physician
  • The Dexcom device monitors your blood glucose and the reading is transmitted to a receiver which will display the patients blood glucose in real time allowing for constant management of blood glucose levels

Signing up for additional information for products you are interested in can be a good way to receive details regarding the device but you will be agreeing to be contacted by the company you are seeking information from.  Once you sign up with Dexcom you may receive calls/text which will provide additional details about using the product.  All medical decisions must be first cleared with your doctor and you should always consult physicians when making an medical decisions.