Credit Edu MasterCard – Deserve Application and Account Access

Deserve Application and Account Access:

  • The Deserve Edu card is designed for students – two cards are available, the standard Deserve Edu MasterCard is designed for students without much credit history to build credit
  • Students who are approved for this credit card are eligible to receive Amazon Prime Student at no cost (reimbursement) – this is a $49.99 value for cardholders with the Deserve MasterCard
  • For students who are trying to apply you can visit the main application link online and complete the form to determine if you will be approved and issued a card
  • If you have a Deserve Credit Card and need to activate your card you will need to first create an online account which can be used in the future to access your account

Obtaining credit when you are a student with very little or no past credit history can be a challenge but there are credit cards designed to assist students with this obstacle – the Deserve Edu MasterCard is one such card.  This card provides better approval odds for students who may not be eligible for other types of credit cards which require extensive and established credit.  This card also has several perks designed for students such as free Amazon Prime Student subscription.

This is a cash back credit card which means purchases made on the card will provide cash back redemption opportunities .  Cardholders will receive 1% cashback on all eligible purchases.  There is also a version of the card for students who may already have some established credit – the Deserve Pro MasterCard provides additional cash back bonus opportunities but is designed for students with some credit background.

Additional Highlights Regarding the Deserve Edu MasterCard:

  • The Amazon Prime Student subscription is reimbursed each month as statement credit when you sign up for a Prime Account with your card
  • Maintaining a credit card in good standing and making payments on time allows consumers to build their credit and help improve their future credit scores
  • New Credit Card applicants should familiarize themselves with the pitfalls and potential consequences of missing/late payments before applying for any new line of credit