Promotional – Delta American Express Perks Program

Delta American Express Perks Program:

  • Delta Skymiles Credit Card Cardholders can visit the American Express Perks program page to learn about benefits they have available to them by being a cardholder
  • The program website features all of the most up to date promotional offers which are typically saving opportunities, free offers, and event opportunities for credit card holders
  • If you are not a cardholder but are trying to apply for the card, consumers can follow the application link on the Delta Amex Perks page to be redirected to the application
  •  Cardholders of the Delta Skymiles Card enjoy perks such as a free first checked bag on Delta flights, 2x miles on Delta purchases, priority boarding, and miles that do not expire

Many credit cards provide their cardholders with additional perks and features beyond simply the use of a line of credit.  The Delta Skymiles Card is offered by American Express and provides users with perks that can be taken advantage of.  To receive the most up to date offers and perks provide to Delta American Express credit card holders can visit the perks website which will show all current offers and specials.  Users can also follow the Delta Amex Perks program on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you are considering applying for the Delta Skymiles Card, you can review the perks to determine if this a card which fits your credit needs.  This is a travel rewards card – reward miles can be used to future Delta Airline purchases.

More Information about the Delta Amex Perks Program and Credit Card:

  • American Express provides the options of the Gold Delta Skymiles Card, The Platinum Delta Skymiles Card, and the Delta Reserve Credit Card – cards can be compared prior to applying
  • Members can also stay up to date on perk offers by signing up to be part of the Skymiles Perks mailing list by providing their email address for updates