Financial – Citi Price Rewind Shopping Savings

Citi Price Rewind Shopping Savings:

  • Citi Credit Card Customers can visit this website to learn about the price rewind feature offered by Citi to their cardholders which protects customers against missing out on future sales
  • Cardholders who take advantage of this service have the opportunity to save money on purchases they already made as Citi will track pricing and refund potential savings when applicable
  • In order to use this service you must be a Citi Card Holder – credit cards which are part of other banking systems would not be eligible for the Citi Price Rewind features
  • Once you have logged in to your Citi Account you will find that this website features a search field where you can enter your product name and begin the Price Rewind Process

Citi Bank provides consumers with a very large selection of credit cards which have a unique feature which can be taken advantage when making a purchase on an item that has the potential to be reduced in cost in the near future.  The Citi Price Rewind protects customers by allowing them to find their specific product which will then be tracked to determine if the price drops within the following 60 days.  If the price drops during this time period, customers may be eligible to receive the difference in the price.

This program has provided over $8.5 million in price matching savings to cardholders in 2016.  The average payment for a Price Rewind is over $27 dollars and over 300,000 Price Rewinds were issued in 2016.

Additional Information about Citi Price Rewind:

  • Citi Cardholders are eligible to receive up to $500 dollars back on a Price Rewind and can save up to a max of $2,500 per year with this service
  • There is no one type of item that can be registered – customers are encouraged to register any purchase they may anticipate to drop in price to provide extra buying security