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Home Affordable Refinance Program

  • Apply for refinancing with Citi’s Home Affordable Refinance Program
  • receive mortgage assistance online
  • Manage mortgage payments

Citibank has been one of the nation’s leading financial institutions for nearly 200 years. In that time they have offered customers a range of services, from personal banking and home loans to business and corporate financing. Now Citi would like to help homeowners with an eye towards refinancing by partnering up with the government’s Home Affordable Refinancing Program (HARP). The program was created in 2009 expressly to assist those homeowners who are underwater and borderline underwater to keep their homes. And Citi is committed to seeing the program through. Those who do wish to refinance through Citi will first need an online account.

How to sign up for a CitiMortgage account

  • Visit the promotional page and click the “No” option when asked if you have a account
  • Enter your date of birth in the required text field
  • Enter the last six digits of your Social Security Number
  • Enter the state your property is in as well as the zip code
  • Click “Submit” and receive your account name and password

Once an account has been created, you can manage all aspects of your refinancing request online. Citi also offers comprehensive homeowner support via the promotional page. Anyone who is having trouble making payments, or even facing foreclosure, can visit this section and find detailed info on repayment plans, deferments, partial claims, loan modifications, as well as deed in lieu options. Citi also maintains a helpful staff whose sole purpose is to assist customers with any and all mortgage needs.

Contacting Citi

  • 1-800-248-4638
  • MC 2197 BSC, P.O. Box 6205, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-9893