Credit – Texaco and Chevron Techron Advantage Credit Cards

Texaco and Chevron Techron Advantage Credit Cards:

  • Interested consumers can visit this website to learn about the offers presented to cardholders who use a Texaco or Chevron Techron Advantage Credit Card
  • There are three types of cards consumers can choose from – The Techron Advantage Visa Card, The Techron Advantage Credit Card, and The Techron Advantage Premium Credit Card
  • Regardless of which of the three cards are used, consumers are elgible to receive up 3 cents back per gallon on fuel purchased at Texaco and Chevron Gas Stations
  • The Techron Advantage Visa Credit Card is offered to customers and is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted – the other cards are for use are Texaco and Chevron locations

For many individuals, especially those with extended work commutes or those who love to drive, gas expenses are one of the biggest monthly expenditures we encounter.  Many gas stations are offering credit cards which address this issue by providing cash back incentives for purchasing gas at their location.  The Techron Advantage line of credit cards provide customers with a way to save on their gasoline purchases.

For customers applying for the Visa version of the Techron Advantage card you will be able to use this card anywhere Visa is accepted (unlike the other store based credit cards).  The Visa card also comes with a big incentive – the more you spend at other locations, the more you save on gas.  For customers who spend $300 per month at other locations their gas rewards will increase from 3 cents to 10 cents.  For customers who spend more than $1000 at other locations they will receive a whopping 20 cents back on each gallon.

Additional Information Regarding the Techron Advantage Credit Cards:

  • The Techron Advantage Visa and Techron Advantage Credit Card have no annual fee – the premium credit card has a $25 annual fee
  • Currently new customers will enjoy a 15 cents fuel credit back for the first 60 days after opening a new card – new card promotional offers are subject to change so check regularly