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Chase Chip

  • Get a credit card embedded with chip technology from Chase Bank
  • EMV cards protect against theft and fraud
  • EMV cards are the new global standard

Chase has been a major player on the financial scene ever since J.P. Morgan’s era back in the 19th century. These days Chase has kept pace with the times by offering a bevvy of financial services to their customers including, but not limited to, car loans, banking accounts, investments, home loans and credit cards. It is the latter, credit cards, which are of particular interest today. That’s because the global standard for card processing has evolved to focus on Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) card schemes that utilize chip technology. Chip technology provides more protection than a typical magnetic strip transaction, in that chip cards contain dozens of pieces of data whereas magnetic strips only contain two data tracks. Of course, the good thing about a chip card is that it contains a magnetic stripe which can be used as a backup in the event the transaction won’t allow for EMV cards.

Using an EMV credit card as opposed to a standard magnetic-strip card

  • Enter your EMV card in the card reader or ATM with the chip facing up
  • Leave your card in the card reader or ATM, as opposed to swiping it
  • Provide an electronics signature if required to do so
  • Always remember to remove your card when the transaction is completed

Those who are worried about widespread availability of chip-enabled card readers needn’t be. EMV card technology is quickly become the industry standard throughout the United States, and even the world. 130 countries have already embraced this technology, and more will surely come. Even better is that Chase offers the same level of fraud protection they are known for, which adds an extra level of security on top of the chip technology.

Contacting Chase

  • 1-977-242-7372