Credit – Chase Homepage for the Amazon Rewards Card

Chase Homepage for the Amazon Rewards Card:

  • Current Amazon Cardholders can long in to their online account by visiting this website and entering their Chase ID and password
  • If you are not a current Amazon Rewards Card Cardholder you can learn about the incentives and decide if you would like to apply for this rewards credit card
  • Consumers can redeem their reward points for Amazon cash, manage their account settings and preferences, and view how points are earned on this card
  • Like all lines of credit, applying for this card will result in a credit check – it is encouraged that consumers are familiar with their credit profiles before applying is a very large online retailer which provides an enormous range of products and services to consumers.  Several new services have begun to emerge such as Amazon TV and the Amazon Dash Buttons.  Amazon TV provides members with streaming services and exclusive content available as a streaming service through a reliable internet connection.

Chase Bank services many retail credit cards and is a reputable name in the credit industry.  Chase provides many convenient online services for their cardholders such as paperless billing, automatic online payment scheduling, the ability to set up personalized alerts for your credit cards, and more.  Chase also provides 24 hour customer support for consumers to assist with any credit card issues which may arise at any time of the day.

Additional Information about the Amazon Rewards Card by Chase:

  • Customers will earn 3% rewards on all purchases through, 2% rewards on gas and restaurant purchases and 1% back on all other purchases
  • Rewards can be redeemed for cash back (as statement credit), gift cards (such as dining, hotels and gas), and rewards for travel such as hotel or airfare
  • Authorized users can be added to your credit card to allow others to be added to your account to share the same credit card