Credit – Cathay Pacific Visa Signature Credit Card

Cathay Pacific Visa Signature Credit Card:

  • Customers interested in the Cathay Pacific Credit Card can visit the main US Credit Card page to review existing offers and to begin an application to apply for the card
  • Currently new customers can enjoy 50,000 Bonus Asia Miles when they spend $2,500 in the first three months of opening an account – be sure to review offers as details may change
  • To apply you can simply visit the Apply Now link which will open the application page which will request all of the details of your application for processing and potential approval
  • This travel card allows customers to earn miles with Cathay Pacific and miles can be redeemed for airline purchases, hotel stays, car rentals, and other attractions

The Cathay Pacific Visa Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank and was recently introduced to the United States.  This card is available for applicants who would like to earn miles with Cathay Pacific which primarily operates in Asian countries.  Cathay Pacific rewards program is known as the Macro Polo Club and members and cardholders will receive miles which will count to their future purchases with the airline or other rewards to be used as desired.  This card offers 2x miles for all purchases with Cathay Airlines, 1.5 miles for all dining and restaurant purchases, 1.5 miles for all purchases made outside of the United States, and 1x miles for all purchases made domestically.

More Details Regarding the Cathay Pacific Credit Card by Synchrony:

  • This card includes no foreign transaction fee so purchases made abroad will not require additional payment
  • New card members will automatically receive Green Membership Status in the Marco Polo Club – Cathay Airlines loyalty program
  • Like all new lines of credit this will require completion of an application which will result in a credit check – be sure to be familiar with your current credit history when apply for any line of credit