www.carecreditpay.com – CareCredit Pay My Provider

CareCredit Pay My Provider:

  • If you are a CareCredit Cardholder and need to pay a bill you can find your provider online through this webpage to begin the payment process to settle your billing you have received
  • To begin the process you will need to complete the requested fields to find your provider – you will be asked to provide doctor name or practice name, state and city or zip and their profession
  • Once you have found your provider you can then access your bill and decide what financing option you would like to use in order to settle the bill – promotional financing offers my apply
  • You can then pay off your bill using your CareCredit card and then make the regularly scheduled payments on your CareCredit Card to complete the billing process using your card

CareCredit is a credit service which is primarily used for unexpected medical expenses.  This service is not only available for services which we all can encounter on a day to day basis but is also available for animal medical expenses as well.  Veterinary, Chiropractic, Dental, Hearing and other medical type of expenses may all be eligible to be paid for using this credit service.

Once you have found your provider you will will need some additional information to complete the process.  In order to pay the expense, you will need your CareCredit account information and/or your CareCredit Card number.  You can then determine which financing option will work best for you.  Once you have selected these options, you can then review and complete the payment to your provider.

Additional Information about CareCredit and CareCredit Pay My Provider:

  • Over 200,000 practices across the United States accept CareCredit Financing and over 10,000,000 cardholders have used this service
  • Once you have completed the Pay My Provider process your provider will receive payment in approximately two days and your CareCredit Statement will be updated with this charge


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