Credit – CareCredit Healthcare Financing and Cardholder Resources

CareCredit Healthcare Financing and Cardholder Resources:

  • The CareCredit Healthcare Financing Card is a way for consumers to apply for credit which can be used for healthcare needs for yourself, family or pets
  • The CareCredit Card is accepted by many participating facilities and when visiting the website users can explore locations and procedures which accept the card for payment
  • If you are registered for the CareCredit Card you can visit this website to login to your account and manage your account settings and review status of billing
  • If you have not yet registered your new CareCredit Card you can visit this website and provide your account information as well as  your personal information to set up your new account

CareCredit is a unique type of credit card which provides individuals with credit for health procedures.  The highlights of this card is that it is accepted at thousands of healthcare locations and if an individual is approved for the card they may be eligible for zero percent financing for a set period of time.  The idea is that you can pay for the out of pocket expense of your procedure with this card and so long as it is fully paid within the specified time period, you would not be eligible for interest charges which would accrue after the pre-selected period has past.

The CareCredit Card can be used for personal health procedures, procedures for others in your family or even your pets.  Many veterinarian procedures can be applied to this card to cover unexpected expenses for pets.  CareCredit also provide mobile application for Apple and Android powered smartphones to quickly access your account information while on the go.

Additional Information about the CareCredit Healthcare Card:

  • Once your account has been created and synced with a active email address you can elect to have your billing statements delivered directly to your email
  • CareCredit customer service is available Monday through Friday during the hours of 8:00am – 12:00 midnight EST


(866) 893-7864