Financial – $600 Bonus Offer

Capital One Investing 15 Summer

  • Earn up to $600 by investing with Capital One
  • Use Capital One’s easy online tools to make investments
  • $600 Bonus Offer Promotion ends on 1/31/16

Capital One, the country’s leading financial corporation, is offering valued customers the chance to earn up to $600 in bonuses by doing nothing more than investing. All anyone has to do to qualify for their bonus is deposit funds into a new account or transfer funds from one existing account to another. And with the free online tools available through Capital One, making such transfers and deposits has never been quicker, or easier. These tools allow customers to do things like buy and sell stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Capital One offers free research tools available to help their customers make the best decision.

Bonus amounts on offer from Capital One Investing

  • A $15,000 deposit, balance or rollover will earn $100
  • A $50,000 deposit, balance or rollover will earn $200
  • A $100,000 deposit, balance or rollover will earn $300
  • A $200,000 deposit, balance or rollover will earn $600
  • Bonus will be awarded 4-6 weeks after making the deposit, balance or rollover

While the bonus is fairly straightforward, there are some steps customers must complete before they will qualify for the reward. First, they must login online and enter the promo code 15AGSUMMER when prompted. This will only be an available option until 1/31/16. Next, customers will need to make the deposit, transfer or rollover, and they will need to do this within 90 days of entering the $600 Bonus Offer promo code. If the net total of an investment or deposit amount is within $100 of a higher reward, Capital One will upgrade the customer to that reward. All taxes on monetary bonuses are the responsibility of the customer.

Contacting Capital One

  • 1-800-747-2537