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Call Of Duty Ghosts Status For Updates

From time to time a Call Of Duty gamer may see the wording “The Call of Duty: Ghosts server is not available at this time”.  This can be happening for a variety of reason due to server overload, coding errors or server maintenance.  Other common errors codes a game might see if the Ghosts server is having issues include:

  •  “Fetching Online Profile”
  • “Xbox Live Connection Not Found”
  • “Connecting To Xbox Live”
  • “Xbox Lives sucks”

If Xbox online services are fully operational and the Call of Duty gamer is still not able to play the game or connect please try these trouble shooting techniques:

  1. Reboot the router associated with Xbox Live
  2. Try using a wired connection in order to sustain the connection quality
  3. To identify if there is an issue with the blocked ports or the router try connecting directly through the modem
  4. Check the NAT type (see if it is Open, Moderate or Strict)
  5. Establish a static IP address and port forward

Call Of Duty Who IS/Quick Hits/FAQ

  • First person shoot me up action video game with a war theme
  • Also known as COD for short in the gaming community “hey put down that Monster Energy drink and come play some COD BRO:
  • All games in the COD series are published and owned by Activision

Whenever a game receives the annoying “The Call of Duty: Ghosts server is not available at this time” please try again later or visit for updates and more information.

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